Treason was and is a product of Nicoluccio, a fantastic and creative individual who loved to create and design.

Unfortunately Nicoluccio passed away on July 4th, 2020.

Silverlake decided to keep his legacy alive through his work, Treason.

Treason will stay a living legacy to the honorable and amazing man, Nicoluccio.

There are no plans to change the theme or overall design of Treason. There will be some minor upgrades overtime, and eventually moving from a homestead to a full sim.

Below is directly from the words of Nicoluccio on treason, and will apply in the future.

**Treason Groups

This is an island run by men for men and about domination and submission of males by other men. No “fem bots” – “cross dressing,” “female anatomy,” furries (meaning cartoon characters in drag) are permitted.
Doms/Masters /Subs im Joshua Wild for a direct invite to the group.

Dark Alley

Many men claim to have been with one of these boys but it’s impossible to know who is being truthful. Most say the boys are held against their will on an ancient medieval island hidden from civilization. Some tell of anguished male screams coming from the basement and how when the boys emerge their will has been so broken they obey any command without thought. Others say if you give the big guy at the door fifty bucks you can go into the dungeons where the boys are kept in solitary prison cells and rape one of them.

The Men of Treason

The men of Treason have lived on this hidden island for several generations The original inhabitants were a band of rebels who were banished to the island for raping and selling boys into slavery. They were meant to live with each other on the island and die a miserable death, however they managed to disguise a female as one of them so they could breed with her and produce children. Long forgotten by the modern world the majority of the offspring of the original inhabitants believe they are living in medieval times and conduct themselves with the same vulgar animalistic behaviors that their fathers and grandfathers displayed. There is however an elite group of men that have been groomed by the previous generations to infiltrate themselves in society where these men scout out prospective prey to bring home to the rest of the men who are unaware of the outside world.

Treason – Gay Slave Trade and Human Trafficking

The most exotic men in the world are disappearing at an alarming rate. Actors have been kidnapped from movie sets, athletes snatched from the locker rooms, and college jocks pulled right from their dorm rooms in the middle of the night. Speculation and rumor abound as to the fate of these young men but the authorities have no solid leads.

Treason Evolved

It’s the year 2027. Mankind has all but destroyed itself in an apocalyptic world war. Those who survived have broken off into different societies, each with different rules. The island you were brought to against your will is one of those “societies.” It’s the lowest of the low, a place for male only human trafficking, with two classes of residents; – “them (in charge)” and “you (here to submit).”
Treason Evolved is populated testosterone driven rogue ex military men, various former faction fighters and the dregs of what is left of humanity. They are nothing but sex hungry, Dominant Alpha male slavers. You were taken because you were marked for kidnapping, no doubt a weaker male they see having potential as a sex slave to be trained. The person who took you is your “training dom.” You must submit to him agreeing to become Sim Property.

Treason Evolved

You may be kept as a toy by your training dom for a little while, but more than likely, he’ll get bored and turn you over to another for their use and pleasure. As we said, from the moment you arrive on the island, you become nothing but sim property. You have no thoughts, no desires or purpose except for one: to please the men in charge. Your worthiness to stay on Treason Evolved relies solely on your total submission and unquestioned willingness to be used for their training, use or profit in human trafficking.

Yes, this is how the Alphas of Treason survive — by selling or bartering you off for supplies. Basically, from the moment you arrive, you’re fucked – literally. We suggest you get used to it. There is no escape, no chance for advancement to alpha slave, no Master / boy relationships, you are just a naked male body that is allowed to roam around unless you are in the process of being trained, controlled and used.

As we said, you may be sold or kept, but you could also be taken by a

Treason Evolved

  • Everyone is an alt. Really. I promise.
  • Don’t get too caught up in worrying about what someone else thinks of your rp. Do it for you!
  • Don’t use the term submissive to excuse your stupidity. If you’re gonna let some ass 2000 miles away tell you who, what, when and where you can rp then that makes you a great big retard. Got your attention yet?…yes, I’ll say it again…a FUCKING fat ftard
  • There will always be drama from people obsessed with their own importance,-avoid them.

Play with integrity, even when others do not.

Steer clear of Evil Manipulative Bishes. You will know them by their actions, not their words.

The two will be in direct conflict.

Treason Rules


  • Wearing Sin Tracker is recommended. RLV and related huds are required.
  • Collars must be set to open.
  • The Group is closed to preserve the theme of the sim however all applications will be approved.
  • There is no such word in your vernacular as no. If someone wants to use you, your only reply is “yes Sir, gladly Sir.”
  • RP is to theme in public chat. IM’s are for private communication.
  • All new kidnapped subs must remain naked at all times. Clothing or bits of it is a privilege you earn over time.
  • The safe zone is the landing point.
  • Not following the rules, or deliberately interfering with others in serious RP (without invitation) could lead to your being banned.
  • This is an island run by men for men and about domination and submission of males by other men. No “fem bots” – “cross dressing,” “female anatomy,” furries (meaning cartoon characters in drag) are permitted.