Silverlake Attractions

Silverlake is a gay men’s playground, featuring residential and commercial rentals.

I wide variety of areas on the sim are ready for your enjoyment all free to use, this includes things such as:

– Sexed Up Gas Pumps
– Sexed Sewer Covers
– Sexed Dumpsters
– Sexed News Paper units
– Sexed Pay Telephones
And so much more! Almost everything everywhere has sexed up items for your enjoyment!

We also have some main attractions such as:

Porn Theater
Offering gay porn movies, we try to change it at least one a week. When you go in, pick a seat and click the screen to start the movie!

The seats in this theater allow you to have sex with up to four people!

Upstairs is a private room, and the restroom!

Need a place to shag with a “friend”? The motel is a great place to go hang. Free to use to anyone anytime, we leave the light on!

Bobs Meat Market
Whatever you may be into, Bob’s Meat Market has it! Many floors with all kinds of sexed equipment, mild to wild.

On the roof is a hang out place with a hot tub and a few other goodies.

Many items in Bob’s meat market are RLV enabled.

Barber Shop

Need a hair cut? Or a blow job? Or just fuck! Stop by and check out the sexed up barber chairs!

Donuts Shop

The board of health would be mortified! But no worries we paid them off!

The donuts shop is all sexed up for your enjoyment!

Ice-Cream Shop

Lick that! Suck on this! Inside the ice cream shop, yeah you guessed it! Sexed up, or if you want a little more public display of affection, try the cafe tables outside on the patio!

Adult Play Ground

All sexed up!

Laundry Mat
Need to do your laundry? Try a fuck on the machines while you wait for the spin cycle to finish!

Civic Center

Nothing civic about this place, everything including the water coolers are sexed!

Pool Tables
Weight Lifting
Locker Room
Copy Machine
Boxing Ring
Tanning Booth
Massage Tables

And so much more! All sexed up!